iOS Game App Making $1,441 Monthly Profit

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iOS game app averaging 1,646 monthly downloads and $1,441 monthly profit. Sold by Flippa Super Seller with 100% positive rating from 141 transactions.

Auction Sitting at $1,350 with 2 Days Left


2-month-old iOS game app generating $1,252 monthly revenue and $1,153 monthly profit. 

Auction Sitting at $1,600 with 3 Days Left


Passive Android app with 757,000 downloads and 65,000 active installs. The app generates a growing $629 monthly revenue and has ​4.1 star rating from 8,000 reviews.

Auction Sitting at $6,050 with 15 Hours Left


iOS education app for identifying flowers. The app has generated $2,625 lifetime revenue and has been rated as a top Education app in Apple App Store.

Auction Sitting at $500 with 3 Days Left


iOS app generating $4,000 total revenue and receiving 1,500 monthly downloads since its August 4th release.

Auction Sitting at $1,000 with 3 Days Left


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4-star Android racing app generating $635 profit last month alone and has over 120,000 total downloads.

Generating $1,404 monthly revenue and $1,276 monthly profit.


Generating $2,361 revenue and $2,144 profit in just two months, Jungle Jump currently averages 850 monthly downloads.

I Saw Zombie is an addictive zombie game with 5,640 total downloads and is not yet monetized.



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