For Sale: iOS Game App Making $2,500 Monthly Profit

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With over 25 bids and its reserve met, Holiday Hills is poised to sell within the next 24 hours! Last month alone, this app generated $2,772 revenue and $2,592 profit.

Auction Sitting at $4,050 with 23 Hours Left


Android app generating a growing $247 monthly revenue. The app is 4 years old, has over 50,000 total downloads, $5,799 lifetime revenue, and a 4.5-star rating from 1,645 reviews.

Auction Sitting at $1,100 with 27 Days Left


90's style horror game for iOS and Android devices. The app is not monetized but has over 100,000 total downloads and a 4.1-star rating from 1,081 reviews.

Auction Sitting at $117 with 4 Days Left


Schedule social media campaigns on 18 different social media platforms with this iOS, Android, and Mac app! JotBear generates a steady $242 monthly profit.

Auction Starting at $2,500 with 17 Days Left


3 y/o iOS camera app with $4,000 in lifetime revenue, 6.5 million impressions, and 1,200 monthly active users.

Auction Sitting at $50 with 5 Days Left



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