For Sale: Content Site Generating $1,900/month via AdSense

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Flippa Newsletter #0002

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  • 3 y/o Gaming Content Website
  • $3,239 Monthly Revenue ($1,919 via Google AdSense)
  • Strong Rankings: 88% Organic Traffic and 441,000 Monthly Pageviews
  • Sitting at $13,000 with 22 Bids and 20 Days Left.



  • $3,579 Monthly Revenue and $2,309 Monthly Profit
  • 68,414 Monthly Pageviews from 19,800 Unique Visitors
  • Brokered Listing from Aim Digital Group
  • Sitting at $10,000 with 1 Bid and 8 Days Left



  • Business Notes Content Site on HRM, Marketing, and Finance
  • $302 Monthly Google AdSense Revenue
  • 113,823 Monthly Pageviews from 65,335 Unique Visitors
  • Sitting at $1,500 with 13 Bids and 11 Days Left



  • Annually: $447,000 Revenue and $277,000 Profit (62% Margin)
  • 15-20 Hours of Work per Week to Operate
  • Brokered Listing from Aim Digital Group
  • Starting Price: $500,000



  • Established SaaS Business for Mobile App Development
  • $1,680 Monthly Revenue and $1,641 Monthly Profit
  • Sitting at $6,050 with 138 Bids and 4 Days Left​
  • Reserve Met



Mobile Apps



VR roller coaster app receiving 1 million monthly downloads (6 million total) from Google Play and the App Store. The app generates $10,000 monthly revenue and has a 4.5-star rating from 18,000 reviews.




Call of Country is a 3 y/o 2D first-person shooter Android app with 2.7 million installs. 




Generating $1500+ in organic app store sales since July 2017, FreemasonMoji is a popular iOS sticker app and includes a Facebook page with 2,400 likes.




With 400,000 downloads and no real monetization attempted, this unique multi-cloud media player has many faithful and active users is waiting for the right company/team to grow and monetize.



Top Sales of the Week

EU/UK FBA Storefront – $351,400
Branded FBA Business – $29,999 – $19,100 – $9,000
Google News Content Site – $6,800


Total Sales This Week: $545,323



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